Talking Fancy about Plants

Fabric pots give the roots air circulation 
allowing them to grow naturally and not in a circular formation

After many, many days of searching the internet for every single houseplant under this roof and for all the individual watering tips and placement tips… (it can and would be overwhelming if let be).. I wish for a site that allows a person to go and just enter the name of a plant and up would pop all of the images and a bullet list of the shit needed to know about that particular plant. That would be greeeeaatt, If this is already a thing, someone needs to let me know! We all get these same plant anxieties and we all know of that eye roll we get after talking about our plant progressions to non-planty people!!

You won’t get those here…

I don’t know quite how it happened, other than that speech you give to yourself after you kill one, “it’s okay! we didn’t know what to do yet and, so lets just get another one and try again!” The next thing you know, you’re counting fifty plus plants during watering! I don’t even recall this going down! Lord, only knows how much money has been dropped on these damn houseplants!!! But, I know and, my plant friends will most likely agree, that we don’t care! It was worth every dime. just to sit and be surrounded by these lush beauties! I feel totally in tune with these guys and, super proud when someone comes by the house and compliments how great they look! I’ve gotten so many members of my tribe into buying plants of their very own! Even J is seemingly more interested in my babble… but, that could just be him trying to appease me.

My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes

 I Made while learning to see things from the 

plants point of view” 

H. Fred ale

If you’re seeing houseplants trending online, in magazines or, on tv and you want to give it a go, don’t be scared! None of us are professionals! It took all of us some time to feel confident enough to try over and over again. Its even given my little ones another little something to help Mommy with! Our four year old boss hogs and she demands to help me with the moisture meter and our Son, whos five, really enjoys doing all the watering. They don’t leave me with much left to do but, they seem really proud of themselves which, is what leaves me feeling fuzzy..

Tips to take with you…

  • invest in a watering meter! I have lost so many plants by drowning them out or drying them up.. take it from me and save yourself from the heartache! The one pictured below is the exact one I chose.
  • Download a plant identifier app onto your smartphone. (I use Plant Snap) You can find this in your app store. This will allow you to see a plant that you love that you don’t know the name to and, then be able to own that baby! Its not very often but, sometimes nurseries label their plants incorrectly and, so this back up is a good way to confirm that you have what you thought you had.
  • Decide what sort of person you are BEFORE making your first plant purchase! I know this sounds whack but, fundamentally, this is the best of the best plant advice that I can give to you… If you are a bit of a procrastinator with day to day task, you need a plant that matches your personality, such as a Snake plant or cactus. If you are tossing and turning at night and just want a lush natural oasis to sleep in each evening, then a Chamomile plant or some English Ivy is what you want. It is super relevant to look at the science behind each plant in order to find the best match for your lives.
  • Enjoy your plants! So much work goes into finding the right angels for sunlight, if they’ve contracted some unknown-to-you fungus or, if they need to interact with H2O at all, that we can forget to slow down and just simply ENJOY!!

Items that aren’t necessary but, are facilitating for thriving houseplants-

  • water meter
  • fertilizer
  • plant food
  • soft plant ties
  • rooting powder
  • misting sprayer
  • pruning shears
  • grow light
  • neem oil
  • trellis
  • fabric pots
  • watering spikes
  • propagation station (for cloning plant clippings)
  • instructional handbook
My Plant Guide go-to

Tune in later for more planty dropping influence! We will talk about how to use or apply each item on our list above.

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