Hazy days

 I’ve pondered for two days on how to tell y’all about myself.  Hello… my names Amanda and, I’m a recovering addict. I’m a mother of four, I was born in small town Orange, Texas. I’ve left many times and, always make my way back home. I’ve been home again for nearly ten years. For the last five, I’ve been with the love of my existence. 😍 I was five months pregnant when I met Joshua. (It was just Me, Camryn, and, Rylee back then.) Camryn is my teenage daughter with my ex husband. He and I are still the best of friends but, our marriage just wasn’t what was in the works for our lives. After dating a toad and when Rylee was two, I met this amazing guy, in fucking rehab of all places (thirteenth stepping. 🙋🏻‍♀️Right here.) I didn’t really open up in the beginning because I couldn’t understand what some nice, sexy guy was doing with some 200 pound pregnant woman straight out of rehab!

 He wasn’t in the delivery room due to principal-(Rylee and Ryatt’s dad aka the above mentioned toad. Josh isn’t their dad but, he fills the role to the fullest. Their dad and I split before I knew I was pregnant with Ryatt.) and, so my baby sister and I had a moment welcoming my only Son into the world.  Then, Joshua and I had our daughter, Parker, three years ago and, she is the final piece to our unique, zealous family.  


 I want to hone in one more time on my recovery, say it for you once, and then let it be. For it is not what defines me and, it does not predict my future. I simply did some stupid shit under the influence of anxiety prescription medication and, I’m putting that part of my life to bed. I just wanted to divulge my story and, let y’all know what led me here, sharing this with you guys. You’ll never feel judgment from this basic bitch. 

We call it the Days of Haze … 





It doesn’t get much realer than this! It feels so good to let y’all in! ❤️

Off to watch wizards tale 🧙‍♂️ with the babies.

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