Babbling about nothing


 I’m looking around the living room at the mess and, I know I have to clean it but, I have zero motivation. I’m about to start my period and, I just get so cranky and bitchy! Lord help whoever is in-between me and my Oreos and cream Hershey!!


 Every single spoon is dirty and, I’m pretty sure we’re out of applesauce for lunches tomorrow  (which is also Friday) and, I don’t give a damn! Or dayuuuuuuummmm if you want to feel my actual mood! 🙌🏻 

 So then I got to thinking About making an Instagram post. I looked around my house and I laughed because I cannot make a post… My house is filthy as F! So what do I do instead? I take a picture of my dirty living room and place it on my Instagram stories 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣



 I think I’m going to start posting real life ugliness, like all of the time! I’ll bet my 700+ followers would bail! No one wants to see a stack of laundry or a pile of dishes but, unfortunately … oh, wait! I said that backwards!  Bahahaa … a pile of laundry or a stack of dishes. So, we take these beautiful pictures, and in front of us, beyond the camera is a dirty diaper and the wipes that you never brought to the trashcan!


We can’t help to hide that real aspect of us because it makes us vulnerable and up for judgment. We don’t want to let complete Strangers in to that extreme! 

 What are your thoughts about a dirty Instagram photo and do you pick a part a friend of yours post? An example would be my living room… There are power strips everywhere! Every single time I edit a picture, it drives me bonkers and I have hidden it as much as I possibly can without sticking it in the wall! I’m always extra aware of it. Do you have moments like that?

 Don’t feel like your home and your hobbies or all the beauty that you surround yourself with aren’t good enough because, it totally is! I absolutely love surfing the web and looking at all of the beautiful motivation and inspiration and Ideas that I haven’t even thought of! 

 Maybe we should create a hashtag to let us all have one day of the week where we let our freak flag fly and show our worst spot in the house! We all just thought of our space and, the caption to add! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤣🤣🤣

🎵 Let’s rally round the family🎶


I’m thinking 🤔 #freakflagforever


💡im reminded of an article I read by Marketplaceinteriors! For more on the overwhelming pressure that the larger instagram accounts go through, read this blog post!


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