Decorating in September


Let’s keep it real for a moment .. summer just ended and school just started. You spend all sorts of money on school clothes and supplies and then, a week goes by before the school is sending home pamphlets for book fair, flyers for school picture orders and, popcorn fundraisers! Have y’all lost your minds!? My magnolia tree hasn’t grown money this year and, from the look of it, I guess it never will so, we have to take a break! Although there’s a two year gap between them, Rylee and Ryatts birthdays fall a week apart. So we are in birthday season. Bahahaa!! This is the perfect emoji for this moment 💸💸💸  


 Joshua is constantly saying that we don’t have to participate in every event thrown our way or offered by the school. I’m the opposite! I feel like they will feel left out if we sit one out. Maybe it roots from growing up without much money and, knowing the feeling of not having what other kids had. DON’T GET ME WRONG! We had love!! But, heat in the middle of winter was another thing! What we did have was electric blankets and, a king size bed that me, my sister and, my grandmother all piled into! ❤️

    Straying from topic! 



So since all of our money is tied up because this ain’t no monarchy! It’s a democracy! 🤣 (just kidding.) I have been trying out new ways to decorate for fall! Subconsciously, I went into the dollar stores looking for fall Decor and came out with Halloween. 🎃 Imagine how silly I just felt when the pizza guy asks Me about decorating for Halloween and, I say yep. 50 days beforehand 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️ I will get some ideas together and, put them on my instagram stories to help you find some inspiration!

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