Hello! I’d like to introduce myself,

my name is Amanda! I’m a 33 year old, sleepy mother to four amazing kids, the partner of one remarkable Man.

When I was young, I always said I was going to write a book about img_0788what it felt like to live my life. Not some cheesy documentary but, a perspective…    Growing up, all I had was a pen and paper. No one knew what I wanted to say unless they stole my notebook. (I’m looking straight at you!) Now, I have the opportunity and the platform to get my Oh-so- important story out there! I’m launching my new Mommy-blog, That Broke Boho. I will be sharing a range of things such as the very serious topic of what our lives have been like since we discovered my Sons pregnancy, even though it wasn’t an option, Our fancy way of working around the sudden restrictions on our budget, and how we like to have fun. I’m also thinking interactive ways of sharing that allow other Mommies and Daddies find inspiration on different topics such as foods for a picky three year old, how to make your home beautiful on a real life, large family budget, cool finds for school clothes, and Pocket-friendly ways to buy for Christmas this year!  I’m no professional! However, four kids and overcoming an addiction… I have a lot of humbling experience behind me ❤️

Thank you for joining me on my journey....

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